Shop Quilt Fabric Precuts

The convenience of precut fabrics makes quilting a breeze! These bundles save you time and let you spend more time sewing. Purchase precut material by shopping in our online shop below.

What are Quilt Precuts?

A precut is a bundle of material cut into standard shapes and sizes. Fabric bundles feature coordinating materials from a designer’s collection, so you don’t have to spend hours matching pieces.

What is the Advantage?

There are a variety of benefits to sewing with precuts. Here are some of my favorite reasons to use these bundles on my sewing projects.

  • By not cutting material, you save a lot of time – so you can sew more.
  • The storage space needed is minimal. 
  • Using precuts reduces waste to a great extent. Most patterns are designed to use precuts to the fullest extent possible, leaving few scraps to store.
  • You can sample from the entire collection when you buy a bundle.
  • All of the fabrics go together. There is a perfect blend of colors and patterns throughout the entire collection.

What Different Types of Precut Fabric Do You Carry?

  • 10-inch Stackers: 10-inch Stackers (also known as layer cakes) contain a stack of 10-inch fabric squares.
  • Fat Quarter Bundles: A Fat Quarter is a piece of fabric cut 18 inches off the bolt and then folded in half along the fold. Four of these add up to 1 yard.
  • Jelly Rolls: Jelly rolls are bundles of fabric strips that measure 2 1/2 inches wide by 44-45 inches long. A jelly roll bundle typically contains 40 strips of fabric in a variety of colors and prints.

Should I Prewash My Quilt Precuts?

The consensus among most quilters is NOT to wash precuts. These smaller-sized pieces fray so much when washed that they end up in a tangled mess. Modern cotton has minimal shrinkage and minimal dye bleeding. You will create a mess if you wash these smaller pieces of material, especially if you use a washing machine. In most cases, it is more practical to wait until after the quilt is finished before washing and then use color catchers.

If you worry that one of your precuts might bleed, follow these steps: 

  1. Take a small piece, say 2.5″ by 2.5″.
  2. Fill a container with water and detergent and place the cut piece inside.
  3. Make the water ‘sudsy’ by shaking the container.
  4. 15 minutes should be enough time for the fabric to soak.
  5. Shake the container again.
  6. Did dye come out in the water? If yes, you should prewash. If not, go to the next step.
  7. After rinsing the fabric, blot it with a paper towel.
  8. Is there dye on the paper towel? If yes, you should prewash. If not, you can wait until the quilt is completed before washing. Wash with color catchers as a final precaution.

What Can I Make with Precuts?

Most people use precuts to make decorative or bedding quilts. However, there are a few other things you can make with precut fabric, including table runners, mini quilts, coasters, clothing, book covers, journal covers, scripture covers, bibs, bookmarks, tote bags, pillowcases, wallets, purses, pin cushions, hot pot holders, iPad cases, laptop cases, tea cozies, Christmas ornaments, framed art, coffee cup sleeves, and so much more! So what do you like making with precuts? Please share your ideas with us on our contact page.

How Many Precuts are Needed to Make a Quilt?

Your quilt’s size will determine how many bundles you’ll need to buy. Unfortunately, when making a patchwork quilt, there is NO such thing as a “standard” size. However, these approximate dimensions below should give you a reasonable estimate.

The sizes listed below do not include borders. Your quilt can be made larger by adding borders. Moreover, the size of the finished product may differ depending on the pattern used.

  • 42 pieces of 5-inch fabric are included in the standard charm pack.
    • 1 – Baby 
    • 2 – Crib size 
    • 3 – Lap 
    • 5 – Twin 
    • 8 – Queen 
  • 42 pieces of 10-inch fabric are included in a standard stacker (layer cake).
    • 1 – Twin 
    • 2 – Queen 
  •  40 pieces of 2.5-inch strips of fabric are included in a standard jelly roll.
    • 1 – Lap/Twin 
    • 2 – Queen 
  • A quilt made from a fat quarter bundle depends on the bundle’s size. Quilts ranging from full size to king size can be made from one bundle. A fat quarter bundle is an 18 x 24″ cut of fabric equal to a quarter yard.

 These approximate calculations are based on the dimensions below.

The following measurements are general sizes and should be regarded as guidelines:

  • Baby = 36′” x 54″
  • Crib = 45″ x 60″
  • Twin = 63″ x 87″
  • Double = 78″ x 87″
  • Queen= 84″ x 92″
  • King = 100″ x 92″